if someone would like to call me and talk to me in a sleepy voice and tell me stories till i fall asleep that would very much be welcomed any takers no okay well then

Q: Whats ur IG?


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Q: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WHAT I DONT EVEN!!!!! You have such a perfect flawless body! You actually have given me a lot of confidence with my own image and it pisses me off that someone actually wanted to attack you on yours wtf is wrong with people?! You're beautiful inside and out! It's pretty funny though because you spend most of your time eating lol!! Ily Evelyn and Joshua surely loves your body too ;)

awwwwwwwww OLI ily so much sweet girl!

i really do spend most of my time cooking fancy meals for myself and my friends so that does crack me up too

thank you lovely lady youuuu xx

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Q: Lol who says something like that? I think you look healthy! I don't know if it's a feeling felt universally my females, but I contemplate all the details in a picture before posting it. These people are just missing what the picture is intended to be. Embrace it, 'skinny bitch' :)

people who aren’t comfortable in their own skin are the kind that target others and are mean, that’s who! shiiiit i am very healthy! 

it’s summer. i’m in the pool. we should all be floating happily half naked (:

i’m very much okay w/ embracing that title that somehow was supposed to be insulting? hahaha whuuuut?

thank you lovely xx

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Q: To the anon that said "ew that's disgusting" fuck off, some people are naturally very skinny, I myself am like that too my ribs have always shown and I eat normally. Worry about your damn self. (Not to the anon) youre Gorgeous babe! 💞

awwwwww bby that’s so sweet!

i’ve just always been thin and i’m very fine w/ that so it doesn’t insult me IN ANY WAY but it worries me that this type of thing can be said to someone who actually struggles w/ their image. comments like that can seriously cause damage and i will not stand for that.

that anon’s body is perfect, your body is perfect. 

thanks for this xx

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Q: I don't agree with that anon I can see your rib cage bones. Ew that's disgusting I don't know why guys think that's hot eat a fucking burger you skinny bitch!

well so much for accepting your body and loving who you are but okay i’ll eat a burger but could i please have extra bacon ooooh yeaaaa that sounds so yummy nom nom nom *rubs burger buns against my sexy rib cage and rawrs*

p.s. i love how you think calling me a “skinny bitch” is an insult lmfao hell yea dude!

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Q: That Instagram pictures shows off your bod and I had to let you know that you are hot but I do hope that a fine gentlemen treats you like a princess and still grabs you or I could do that no problem lol

my friend and i are laughing so hard at this omg lmfao

uhm………. well thank you, i hope for that too

uhm goodbye now drive safely

don’t text and drive

take your vitamins

(i say random things in uncomfortable situations)

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Q: You have such a hot bod your bf is so lucky I would never take my hands off of you

no i don’t /:

it seems like i always get told that they’re the lucky ones so i can’t wait for the day that i get told i’m the lucky one for having a great bf

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love this look

found old photos on my phone and thought i would upload them. this photo is one of my favorites because the memory of it makes me really warm inside.
just wana be kissed okay